What to pay attention to when installing straub coupling

The manufacturer of sraub coupling tells you to first confirm the outer diameter of the pipe and choose the corresponding type of connector. Don't choose the wrong one.

Open-Flex sraub coupling For industry
The second step is to remove burrs, sharp corners and debris at the end of the pipe. The purpose is to ensure that there is no foreign matter under the sealing rubber ring and on the steel pipe.
In the third step, the sraub coupling manufacturer tells you to mark the ends of the two pipes so that the connector is in the middle position. After inserting the product into one end of the pipe, align the two pipe ends, and then move the connector to the middle of the two pipes.
The fourth step is to adjust the connector, and then use an Allen wrench to evenly tighten the bolts above DN150. The sraub coupling manufacturer tells you that after the bolts are tightened, use a mallet to hit the inner sides of the connector on both sides to make it connect with the pipe. The gap is even, and then tighten the bolts again to achieve a good sealing effect.
Convenient maintenance: When repairing the pipeline, the sraub coupling manufacturer tells you that even if there is oil and water in the pipeline, it does not need to be welded and does not need to be heated, and there is no risk of fire or explosion. Double cassette, open, and foldable repairers are used. It can be repaired by bandaging from the outside of various damaged pipelines.
It can be connected to pipes of different materials. The sraub coupling is made of stainless steel shell and has a longer service life. It is used in water, gas, petroleum, chemical, thermal, ship and other industries.

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