Analysis on the application of stainless steel 304 clamps in daily life

Stainless steel 304 clamps can replace pipe welding and some flange connections, and can be used in more complex construction environments, such as small sites, flammable environments, sewage and sediment, etc. especially for large-diameter PE pipeline construction, no need The hot-melt electrofusion equipment completes the pipe connection safely and quickly.

customized stainless steel 304 clamps from China manufacturer
The manufacturer of stainless steel 304 clamps tells you that the metal part is made of stainless steel 304, and the built-in sealing rubber ring is specially designed and processed, which can automatically enhance the sealing effect with the increase of external pressure. Due to the elasticity of the multi-functional pipe connector, the stainless steel 304 clamps shell and the inner sealing ring, it is easy-going for plastic pipe fittings such as PE pipes, and there is no thermal expansion and contraction. There will be no deformation of the steel pipe due to screw tightening. This product is already a mature product in domestic and foreign pipelines, and is widely used in the connection and repair of gas and gas, water, municipal engineering, coal mine chemical, pharmaceutical and other pipelines.
Pipe connectors and stainless steel 304 clamps can be used for quick connection of pipelines and emergency under pressure sealing and repair after pipeline leakage without the need for power supply and other equipment without the need for power supply and other equipment. The stainless steel 304 clamps are stuck at the leaking point of the pipeline, just tighten the screw. One person can complete the quick connection of the pipeline in a few minutes and the emergency plugging repair under pressure after the pipeline leaks, which greatly improves the speed and efficiency of the pipeline repair. sealing effect.

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