stainless steel pipe fitting can withstand a variety of external forces

Stainless steel pipe fitting manufacturers tell you that pipes are generally used in oil, natural gas, tap water and other transportation projects, so the bearing of external forces must be strong, and stainless steel pipe fittings can withstand various external forces.

customized stainless steel pipe fitting from China manufacturer
The connection method between pipes, pipe joints, valves and the inlet and outlet pipes on the equipment is determined by the properties, pressure and temperature of the fluid, as well as the material, size and installation place of the pipes. There are mainly threaded connections, flange connections, sockets and sockets. Four methods of joining and welding. Stainless steel pipe fitting manufacturers tell you the strength and tightness of welded joints. Good, suitable for all kinds of pipes, saving labor and materials, but the pipes and pipe joints must be cut off when disassembling. Stainless steel pipe fitting manufacturers tell you that most of the water supply, drainage, heating, gas supply pipelines and long-distance oil and gas pipelines in the city are laid underground, while the process pipelines in the factory are laid more for the convenience of operation and maintenance. on the ground.
Stainless steel pipe fitting manufacturers tell you that the passage, support, slope and drainage, compensation, heat preservation and heating, anti-corrosion and cleaning, identification and painting and safety of the pipeline are important issues for both ground and underground laying . The stainless steel pipe fitting manufacturer tells you that the pipe may bear many kinds of external forces, including its own weight, the thrust of the fluid acting on the pipe end, wind and snow load, soil pressure, thermal stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction, vibration load and earthquake disaster, etc. . In order to ensure the strength and rigidity of the pipeline, various supports (hangers) must be set up, such as movable supports, fixed supports, guide supports and spring supports.

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