Stainless steel pipe fitting prices remain within a narrow range

At present, due to the influence of various factors, the price of stainless steel pipe fittings has been changing, so what is the price change of stainless steel pipe fittings? The prices of stainless steel pipe fitting manufacturers remained within a narrow range.

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The price of stainless steel pipe fitting remained weakly adjusted, and the price of medium and heavy plate rose slightly. At the beginning of the month, the financial pressure was not great, and the market sales pressure was also weak. In addition, the current market fluctuated within a narrow range, and the overall wait-and-see mood of the market was slightly strong. The ups and downs of the stock market, the constant news of new IPOs and conferences, make the current stock market face various pressures, and the rapid rise of geopolitical risks and the reduction of the Fed's quantitative easing policy also make it difficult for commodities to have a decent market. Stainless steel pipe fitting manufacturers tell you that although the stock market, rebar futures and hot-rolled coil futures rose in the afternoon, the stock market rebounded weakly on the right, and the bull market was weak. Compared with the reduction of short positions, the momentum of the bears has weakened, the price has risen, and the driving effect on the market is relatively weak.
Stainless steel pipe fitting manufacturers tell you that from the current market turnover in the steel market, the overall delivery volume has decreased compared with that before the May Day, and the transaction situation is weak. In addition, with the downturn of the steel industry and the acceleration of structural adjustment, credit expansion The risk of cold-drawn seamless pipe industry caused by repeated pledge of products is still fermenting, and some banks' credit tightening operations on some steel companies have also had a certain impact on the capital-intensive steel industry, while the reduction of middlemen and the increase in the amount of agreements. The decline has weakened the "water storage" function of the intermediate links of the steel industry. Stainless steel pipe fitting manufacturers tell you that the steel market is currently facing substantial problems in the industry. In the current context, it is difficult to promote its big changes. The short-term market may still maintain a narrow range, and some weak operations are still not ruled out.

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