Share some installation skills of Pipe coupling straub flex

When installing Pipe coupling straub flex, we are often at a loss and don't know where to start. Today, our editor is going to explain some tips for installing Pipe coupling straub flex, hoping to help you.

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1. Select a more suitable caliber.
Determine the diameter of the pipeline that needs to be repaired, select the corresponding diameter when installing the patcher and connector, and then install it. If the caliber is not selected correctly, no matter how hard you try to install it, it will leak.
2. Keep it clean
When installing the Pipe coupling straub flex and the pipe repairer, make sure that the nozzle and the pipe wall around the pipe are clean and tidy. If it is dirty, the connection will be uneven, which will lead to the problem of water leakage in the later stage.
3. Keep lubricating
When installing Pipe coupling straub flex and pipe repairer, our work will be difficult due to friction, so in special cases, soapy water or lubricant can be applied to the position of the pipe opening, which can make the sealing ring The friction is reduced, and in an emergency, water can be used directly instead of soapy water and lubricant.
4. Point-to-point position
We need to place the stainless steel pipe repairer on the leaking position. The middle of the rubber ring should be aligned with the leaking point, and then tighten it with screws, which can reduce the leakage of water.
5. Appropriately increase screws
If there are two or more bolts for stainless steel pipe repairers and connectors, tighten them all when decorating the screws and nuts.
The above is the information we have prepared for you, I hope it can help you. In the future, when you install the Pipe coupling straub flex and patcher, if you need it, you can contact us, and we will provide more professional services.

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