What are the advantages of straub pipe repair clamp

The straub pipe repair clamp has unique design, novel and reasonable structure and reliable performance, which brings great convenience and benefits to engineering construction and maintenance. Straub pipe repair clamp is widely used in the construction of water supply and drainage in the fields of water supply, drainage, electric power, metallurgy, urban construction, petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, and large and medium-sized enterprises.

Cheapest straub pipe repair clamp factory
1. Fast, no welding and re-galvanizing are required, and the installation speed is more than 3 times faster than that of flanged pipe fittings.
2. Simple, it is lighter than the flange, the locking mechanism is cleverly designed, the number of bolts is small, and there is no need to lock the holes.
3. The straub pipe repair clamp, the gasket and the groove of the pipe end are pressed tightly around the entire circumference, and the tensile strength of the pipe end is large.
4. The gasket is designed as C type, which can form triple leak-proof, the greater the pressure in the pipe, the better the sealing.
5. The gasket material can be properly selected according to the fluid medium, pipe material and temperature.
The advantages of straub pipe repair clamp are introduced here, I hope it can help you.

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