What are the uses of Straub pipe repair clamps

Straub pipe repair clamps manufacturers tell you that the use of pipes appears in all aspects of our daily life, ranging from urban pipe networks to small household plumbing. However, if the pipeline has been used for a long time, there will inevitably be many problems of this kind. If the faulty pipeline is not repaired in time, it will bring great hidden dangers to our use. So where are Straub pipe repair clamps often used?

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1. Urban tap water, drainage, heating, fire protection and other pipelines, as well as industrial and mining, agricultural, construction temporary water pipelines, extended Straub pipe repair clamps, optical cable, cable joint protection, suitable for all kinds of seamless steel pipes, threaded pipes, cast iron pipes, plastics Connection and repair of pipes and fiberglass pipes.
2. Parts of heat insulation or shock absorption in the connection of power equipment pipelines in industrial and mining, workshops, hotels and restaurants.
3. Oilfield production plants, refineries, chemical plants, Straub pipe repair clamps, oil, gas and cooling water circulation pipeline systems.
4. Water supply and drainage and circulation pipeline system of nuclear power, thermal power, water power and other power stations (plants).
5. Subway, basement, wet ground and buried pipeline system.
6. Cold storage and refrigeration equipment piping system.
7. Pipe network system configuration engineering in shipbuilding.
The above is related to the scope of use of Straub pipe repair clamps, I hope to help you.

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