Introduction to the standard processing method of stainless steel pipe coupling

Poor handling of stainless steel pipe coupling is the main reason for most leakage problems. In the initial stage of pipeline construction and installation, construction personnel must carry out various tasks according to the standardized interface processing methods. The following is a detailed introduction to the processing regulations of stainless steel pipe coupling.

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The stainless steel pipe coupling shall adopt a socket interface connected by an elastic sealing rubber ring, and the rubber ring interface shall comply with the following regulations:
1. Before connecting, check whether the rubber ring is in good condition, confirm the placement position of the rubber ring and the insertion depth of the socket.
2. When connecting, first clean the inner wall of the socket, the stainless steel pipe coupling supplier will tell you and apply lubricant on the inner wall of the socket and the rubber ring of the socket, and then align the central axis of the end face of the socket.
3. The interface method should be carried out according to the following procedures: for pipes of DN400 and below, first one person hangs the socket of the installed pipe with a cotton rope, and the other person inserts a long crowbar obliquely into the foundation, and resists the center of the end of the pipe The horizontal baffle, and then slowly insert the pipe into the socket of the HDPE double-wall pipe to be installed to the predetermined position; for pipes above DN400, two lever blocks can be used to pull the pipe joint into place. When the joints are closed, the lever hoists on both sides of the pipe joint should be pulled synchronously so that the rubber sealing ring is in place correctly without twisting or falling off.
The supplier of stainless steel pipe coupling tells you that if the corrugated pipe is found to be damaged during the installation process, even if it is a small damage, it should be taken seriously. Make an identification so that it can be handled properly in a timely manner.

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