Parameters for Chemical Performance in Internal Rubber Materials for the Products Parameters for Chemical

Fully Applicable      Applicable          No Applicable       No Data

( √) 完全适用          (O)可以适用         (×) 不可适用         (/) 暂无数据

Serial #
介 质
Chinese Name

English Name








36 普通酒精 Alcohol C₂H₅OH     O
 37 润滑油 Lubricant      
 38 碱性溶液 Alkaline Solution   30 60
 39 盐酸 Chlorhydric Acid   HCI 40 20
 40 硫酸 Vitrol  H₂SO₄   40
 41 硝酸 Nitric Acid  HNO₃     O
 42 氯化铵 Ammonia Chloride  NH₄Cl    
 43 氯化钙 Calicium Chloride  CaCl₂    
 44 石脑油 Naphtha       × O
 45 橄榄油 Olive Oil     60
 46 硫磺 Sulfur  S     O
 47 磷酸钠 Salperlatum Na₃PO₄    
 48 磷酸铵 Salperlatum (NH₄)₃PO₄    
 49 氨气 Nitrogen Gaseous   NH₃     100
 50 天然气 Natural Gas       O
 51 乙酸 Aceric Acid CH₃COOH 10   20
 52 Ketong       ×  
 52 甲醛 Formaldehyde   CH2O     O ×
 54 铬酸 Chromic Acid H₂CrO₄ 2   50 O
 55 大豆油 Soybean Oil       ×
 56 甲苯 Methylbenzene   CH₃C₆H₅     O O
 57 葡萄糖 Glucose C₆H₁₂O₆H₂O    
 58 丙烷 Propane  C₃H₈     O
 59 蓖麻油 Castor Oil      
 60 硫磺酸 Sulfuric Acid   C₂H₇NO₃ 10   20 O
 61 硫酸铝 Alluminium Sulfate Al₂ (SO₄)₃    
 62 硫酸钾 Glazier Salt K₂SO₄    
 63 硫化氢 Hapatic Gas   H₂S    
 64 甲烷气 Gas of Methous Gas   CH₄     20 O
 65 含硫酸废气 Exhaust Gases       ×
 66 燃油 Fuel       20 O
 67 果汁 Fruit Juice       O
68 果浆 Fruit Syrup       O

Note: In addition to NBR and EPDM, we also produce sealant sleeves made of silica gel, viton and neoprene ,etc. The special materials can be customized according to the clients' needs.

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