Application fields and characteristics of pipe coupling straub grip

Pipe coupling straub grip creates a unique set of pipe connection technology with its original design. Pipe coupling straub grip breaks through the traditional connection concept. It uses stainless steel and rubber to make a combination of components to achieve the sealing and pressure bearing function, and the structure is very compact. Pipe coupling straub grip does not need to do any treatment on the pipe end during construction. As long as the connector is sleeved on the two pipe ends to be connected and the side bolts are tightened, the clamping teeth will bite the pipe end surface to a limit and fix, and the sealing sleeve Close to the pipe to achieve a tightly sealed and locked state.

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Pipe coupling straub grip is used in pipeline projects such as ships, power plants, oil, gas, water supply and drainage, and sewage treatment, making the connection of pipelines more convenient, reliable and safe. It is a flexible connection, the surface material of the product can prevent external drip corrosion, and the built-in rubber material adapts to the requirements of different fluid media.
Pipe coupling straub grip has variable shaft, variable diameter and economical practicality. It not only saves the space, time and money required for flanges, welding and other methods, but also fully guarantees their quality. Pipe coupling straub grip is gradually replacing some traditional pipe technologies and is widely used in all walks of life.

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