What is pipe repair clamp

Pipe repair clamp is a kind of equipment used for pipeline repair, which is strong and corrosion-resistant, and does not require welding.

Stainless Steel pipe repair clamp
Product features of pipe repair clamp:
Flexible connection, sturdy and corrosion-resistant, no need for welding, no fire risk, space saving, unlimited pipes, sealed under pressure, easy to install. Application areas: surface/underground engineering, shipbuilding/offshore oil platform, water, gas/natural gas supply, electricity, Industrial production, sewage treatment and maintenance of multi-functional pipeline connection repairers.
pipe repair clamp application pipeline:
Crude oil pipelines, gas pipelines, natural gas pipelines, water supply/drainage pipelines, fuel pipelines, aviation/automotive pipelines, lubricating oil pipelines, mud pipelines, suction pipelines, flushing power generation pipelines, cable protection pipelines, seawater/freshwater pipelines, permeable Flat machine pipelines, air-conditioning pipelines, fire-fighting pipelines, ventilation pipelines, compressed air pipelines, etc.
Advantages of pipe repair clamp:
Versatility, suitable for any pipe, can be connected to pipes of different materials, different axial directions, and different diameters, suitable for quick repairs.
Economical, the pipe ends can be connected without processing, and both thin-wall and thick-wall pipes can be used. The installation is simple and the construction cost is greatly reduced.
Reliability, the axial displacement and angular deflection can be compensated, and the apron lip structure can increase the sealing effect as the pressure increases.
Depending on the use environment, the choice of pipe repair clamp material is also different.

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