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HY-Wide-Range Flexible Joint

The joint is flexibly connected and not limited by pipe materials which are connectable.

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Product Characteristics

The joint is flexibly connected and not limited by pipe materials which are connectable. It has a wide range of pipe diameters, good sealing effect and quick installation, elevating construction efficiency and compensating for pipe spacing.


pipeline connections in the fields such as oil field, chemical industry, water supply and drainage, factory, mines, fire-fighting, natural gas,, electric power, etc.

Product Materials


1 密封圈
Rubber sealing ring
EN 681-1
2 紧固件
GD4.8 定制
3 钢桶

EN 10025
4 压盖
End Ring
EN GJS400-15 EN 1563


Product Specification

DN 0D L(mm) D(mm) Bolt
Size quantity
50 59-72 102 165 M12*180 2
65 72-85 102 185 M12*180 2
80 88-103 102 185 M12*180 4
100 109-128 102 218 M12*180 4
125 132-146 102 250 M12*180 4
150 159-182 102 272 M12*200 4
175 192-210 130 312 M12*200 4
200 218-235 130 335 M12*220 4
250 272-289 130 405 M12*220 6
300 315-332 130 460 M12*220 6
300 322-339 130 435 M12*220 6
350 340-360 150 455 M12*250 6
350 351-368 150 518 M16*250 8
350 374-391 150 568 M16*250 8
400 400-429 150 580 M16*250 8
450 418-435 150 580 M16*250 8
400 425-442 150 625 M16*260 8
450 455-472 150 665 M16*260 10
500 500-532 150 690 M16*260 10
500 527-544 150 715 M16*260 10



1. Due to so many models and limited pages, larger caliber and special caliber or materials are subject to our client's requirements.

2. Please do not hesitate to contact our after-sales persons for installation instructions and the problems with which you got into trouble while being installed or used and we will reply to you in time.


With anti-seismic, anti-impact and noise reduction elements:

The connector and repair device of this type changed the traditional rigid connection to the flexible one favorable to a status in which the pipes are of anti-impact & vibration and denoise.They themselves are resistant to the 350g acceleration impact within 0.02 seconds.By comparison with the flange way, the noise intensity is possible to be lowered by 80%, conducive to the utilization of the entire pipes system in a safe and normal way including the pump, the valve and the instruments, etc. prolonging service life.


Reduction in pipes weights:

The reduction in weight is attainable by about 75% compared to the one by flange way.


Saving in Pipes space:

Assembly and disassembly process do not require a full-phase construction by flange way, but only screwing the bold from one side, causing a saving of up to 50% both in pipes layout and construction space, being of great significance for the ships with space less available in configurating pipes system rationally.Flexible connection permits alternate angle 10 between the axis of two pipes, deviation angle 6 of single pipe,spacing of up to 5-35mm in pipes end.The loose tolerance limits avert the requirements of a high-precisionassembly,conducive to the promotion of advanced process structure measures such as the construction of the general section and the vibration isolation and noise reduction of the "Floating Raft" in the shipbuilding industry. There is no adverse effect on pipe connectors or repair device arising from the deviation in shipbuilding installment or the shifting made by the navigation.


High Cost Performance:

The construction expenses of the connectors and repair device are more economical than that of the flange. The individual cost is slightly higher than that of the general flange, but with long service life and high cost performance. In respect of the copper-nickel and stainless steel pipes, the individual cost is lower than or close to that of the medium diameter copper-nickel and stainless steel flanges.


Easy Maintenance:

When the pipes are under repair, even if there are the oil and water in them, no heating process should be done because of the disconnection of the welding, hence away from the danger of the fire or explosion. The rush repairs are applicable to the dual or open or foldable repair devices from outside all kinds of broken pipes in a bandaged way.


When our products are applied to the newly laid pipes project, the best economic result is achievable in terms of the manpower, material and financial resources.

lt sunnecessary to do plastic and smooth treatment in special on the end face and surface of the pipes at the construction site, only wipe off the soil for the installation provided there is no special deformation at the end of the pipes.

lt usually takes about 5 minutes to install a connector and only 10-20 minute to operate a repair device online.When working in a confined space in particular, it has more obvious advantages. One or two operators are enoughin general.

Our product is not influenced by the varied pipe materials and can be used effectively while the difference of pipes diameter and axis deflection angle are within specified scope.


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