The sraub coupling manufacturer will show you: what are the characteristics of sraub coupling and the scope of application, etc

Sraub coupling is mainly used for the rapid repair of pipeline leakage. It can quickly repair pipeline sand holes and fractures caused by aging and rust without stopping the pressure and without replacing the pipeline. The sraub coupling manufacturer tells you that the installation is convenient and the construction efficiency High, construction operation can be performed without special tools.

good price and quality sraub coupling
According to the structure and specific usage, there are:
1.Single card pipe connector-mainly used for connection applications of newly built pipelines.
2. The sraub coupling manufacturer tells you that the pipeline can be repaired quickly, and the entire installation only takes 3-5 minutes.
3. Foldable pipeline connection repairer-mainly used for pipeline maintenance and renovation projects, but also for connection of newly-built pipelines.
4. It saves space and can reduce the burden of pipelines for large pipeline systems.
5. Double-clip type pipeline connection repairer-can be used for the connection or maintenance of new pipelines or existing pipelines.
6. The sraub coupling manufacturer tells you not to stop work to repair the pipeline to avoid the economic loss caused by the work stoppage.
7. The sraub coupling manufacturer tells you that it is easy to install, no need to start fire, and the installation can be completed with a wrench.
Application areas: surface/underground engineering, shipbuilding/offshore oil platforms, water, gas/natural gas supply, electricity, industrial production, sewage treatment and maintenance.
Sraub coupling has a wide range of uses, simple operation and long service life. It is suitable for the connection of new pipes and the repair of old pipes; the manufacturer of sraub coupling tells you high temperature and high pressure corrosion resistance, a variety of sealing materials to choose from; only a wrench is required, which is convenient and simple.

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