Application and characteristics of stainless steel Straub clamp in pipeline maintenance

Stainless steel Straub clamp is a kind of equipment used for pipeline repair. It has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance and no welding.

Stainless steel Straub clamp is usually used in pipeline emergency repair (pipeline emergency repair: refers to the treatment of major accidents such as pipeline leakage). If the leakage is a small corrosion perforation, the leakage hole on the pipeline can be blocked with a fixture for repair welding. If the pipeline is seriously damaged or deformed due to burst or external force, the pipe section must be replaced: cut off the accident section. In order to prevent fire caused by a large amount of oil and gas leakage, the pipeline is often blocked with stainless steel Straub clamp, that is, open a hole at the upstream and downstream of the pipe section to be replaced, and plug a large inflatable plug with leather cup into each hole to isolate the oil or gas at both ends.

Drain the oil and gas in the damaged section, cut it off with a mechanical cutter, plug two pigging balls into the cuts at both ends, and fill nitrogen between the pigging ball and the occluder to prevent explosion during welding; After the new pipe section is in place, butt jointed and welded, lift the stainless steel strap clamp from the pipe and close the opening; After the pipeline is repaired and operated, the pig ball for plugging shall be recovered in the pig receiver of the downstream station. This operation is often completed by a full-time emergency repair team.

1. Stainless steel Straub clamp is universal: it is applicable to any pipe. It can connect pipes with different materials, axial directions and diameters. It is suitable for rapid emergency repair.

2. Stainless steel Straub clamp is economical: the pipe ends can be connected without treatment, both thin-walled and thick-walled pipes can be connected, the installation is simple, and the construction cost is greatly reduced.

3. Stable steel Straub clamp is very reliable: it can compensate for axial displacement and angular deflection, and the rubber ring lip structure can enhance the sealing effect with the increase of pressure.

4. The stainless steel strap clamp can be made of different materials according to the use environment.

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